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Our team of technicians provide a full range of standard and advanced HVAC maintenance services including:

  • Coil, duct and filter cleaning
  • Chilled water balancing
  • Chiller maintenance
  • Essential services testing
  • Computer room air conditioning
  • Plant room maintenance

Our technicians utilise a custom developed mobile application to capture and update information in real time. Data captured includes spare parts, life cycle analysis information and technical data. It also includes information gathered as part of routine maintenance such as filter differentials, system pressures and temperatures, motor currents and meter readings.

This fully electronic system provides a central point for all contact including logging reactive calls and providing key performance indicators for reporting. It also supports stream lined invoicing and reporting to reduce client management overhead.

All of our clients are looked after by an account manager or team leader who provides a single point of contact to ensure we continue to deliver a reliable, professional service. Included in our standard maintenance contracts are monthly reports, annual asset audits, performance benchmarking and input into budget planning.

Please contact us for a quote or further information about our services.

HVAC maintenance experts

Arctick Licence No. AU00480
QBCC Licence No. 53975
Electrical Licence No. 78349